Online marketing checklist for 2014

Online marketing checklist for 2014

Online marketing checklist for 2014 Lloyd

What do you need to have in place to ensure that 2014 meets or exceeds your marketing goals?

The tools available to marketers and executives are in constant change. New technologies are creating new opportunities and providing more effective and efficient delivery of marketing communications.

Keeping up with the change in pace can be challenging. How do you know if your marketing is antiquated?

Here’s a marketing checklist to get you on your way. And if you have a question about the content below, leave a comment and let’s discuss.

Your online marketing checklist

Have your game plan in a document
At the very least have an elevator pitch. By having a plan you are able to keep all the team on the same page, working towards the same goals.

  1. If you have a sales team a plan will show where your tactical elements are, and what they can look forward and contribute to.
  2. Technology makes any member of an organisation a potential representative of your brand. Arm them with your core values and game plan.

Have a lead generator
Leverage marketing automation so your sales and business development team have qualified leads to work on. No more cold calling.

  1. Get phone numbers by starting with the collection of email addresses.
  2. Send emails with useful information consistently.
  3. Provide a great resource and with the earned trust from a lot of step 2, ask for a phone number in exchange for the resource.
  4. Refine and repeat.

These email marketing services have plenty of tools and guides that even those without any developer skills  can start using.

Know your ROI
How much does your marketing return to the business once cost is removed? Online marketing allows you to track your activity from start to end.

  1. Over time this will help you identify areas where costs can be reduced and performance improvements made.
  2. Track customers too and define your most profitable customer demographic in the market. Focus more marketing activity on them.

Understand and care about SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media
Your customers are looking for products and services just like yours online. SEO, Inbound Marketing and Social Media are vital in getting you found, trusted and referred.

  1. Get the perfect beginners guide to seo from Moz.
  2. Let HubSpot teach you about inbound marketing.
  3. Read about best practice from Social Media Examiner.

Retention, retention, retention. 
It’s easier to sell to people who already know you and have purchased from you previously. Keep these people happy to make it easy to sell to them in the future and stop them from going to your competitors.

Happiness tactics:

  1. Personalise communications. At the very least know all of your customers name and email address
  2. Label customers. As VIP’s, Gold Members, Star Customers and let them in on news before anyone else
  3. Surprise them. Give them treats when they least expect it.


Does your marketing plan cover the points in this checklist? What would you add or remove from the list?