5 website features to get you ahead of the rest

5 website features to get you ahead of the rest

5 website features to get you ahead of the rest Lloyd

A bad website can cost you jobs. If it is unbearable to look at, hard to find detail, slow to load, doesn’t load… visitors leave. You need to have a well built site. And these days that isn’t enough, everyone is getting online. How do you get ahead of your competition?


What’s that? Basically, it means that the design adapts to different browser sizes. So instead of needing a separate mobile site the content will be resized and rearranged to fit smaller screens.
Google published the Baines & Ernst launch results from two websites (a desktop and a mobile version) to a single responsive website, here is the result –

“On mobile devices, pages per visit have since increased 11%, average visit duration has risen 30% and bounce rate has registered an 8% decrease, while mobile conversions have grown an impressive 51%.”

With the continual rise of mobile, phablet and tablets – this is a must. If you have a site that isn’t mobile friendly, it is time to change.



Images are great. High quality images are better. Well produced video is numero uno. Consider these stats from Kissmetrics:

  • According to econsultancy, Zappos found that sales increased by between 6% and 30% on products with product videos.
  • Dropbox found that they increased their conversion rate by over 10% by adding video to their homepage.

Consider also that Rich snippets with video are on the rise. In the below example you know that on click through you will be served a video, it sets an expectation for your site visitors on what they can expect when they land.



With more and more businesses getting online the bigger the challenge is becoming to be found. How do you get found for search terms that match your business? Leverage local detail to get your website found by making mention of your suburb / city in your page copy, in headings and on your contact page. Sign up with Google Places with your suburb and city and register with other local directories online. Get your little red marker!



Social media is the new word of mouth. Social proof is the digital form of a recommendation. And it works to help persuade visitors to take the actions you want them to perform. People are more likely to share, like, tweet, +1 if something has already had one of those actions.


To be visible in search engines, it is necessary to know what they are looking for in order to rank one site over another for particular searches. Natural links to your site have an important role to play. Matt and Sandy from Google put in in perspective. A must watch.

Are there any successful elements to your site not listed here?